Top Female Physio in Joondalup: Ursula Knecht – Expert in Headaches, Muscle and Joint Pain, and Rehabilitation

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Ursula Knecht is an experienced physiotherapist, author, and inspirational speaker based in Joondalup. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, she specialises in treating headaches, muscle and joint pain, and providing comprehensive rehabilitation services. Ursula’s holistic approach to physiotherapy ensures personalised care for each patient, promoting effective and efficient recovery. Beyond her clinical practice, Ursula shares her extensive knowledge through her writings and motivational talks, inspiring both her patients and the wider community

Check your back pain risk with these exercises.

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Assess your back pain risk and strengthen your back with these exercises Get the book on Amazon now: Let’s initiate the self-assessment process outlined in the appendix of our book after completing the modified Oswestry Low Pain questionnaire. This crucial step precedes a meticulous series of tests by Marianne. Book Physio Online See details in the […]

How Laser Therapy Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

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Discover the Healing Power of Cold Laser Therapy: A Natural Solution for Pain Relief and Recovery Cold laser therapy uses low-level lasers to safely and painlessly stimulate healing and pain relief in tissue. It’s used for musculoskeletal injuries, skin conditions, and oral ailments like cold sores and ulcers. Short treatments and positive results after a […]

How to recover from long covid 19?

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How to recover from long covid 19?
Long covid sufferers need a specialist rehabilitation program to reclaim their life gradually.
The rehab process includes many steps and exercises also described in the book: Back Pain Goodbye Overcome Back pain & Reclaim your Life in 12 weeks or less (By Ursula Knecht).

How to Ease Acute Lower Back Pain

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This month I have seen many people with acute lower back pain; hence I thought I make another video with three simple exercises that usually ease lower back pain.