How Laser Therapy Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

laser therapy in Joondalup for acute and chronic injuries

Discover the Healing Power of Cold Laser Therapy: A Natural Solution for Pain Relief and Recovery Cold laser therapy uses low-level lasers to safely and painlessly stimulate healing and pain relief in tissue. It’s used for musculoskeletal injuries, skin conditions, and oral ailments like cold sores and ulcers. Short treatments and positive results after a […]

Why is “bursitis shoulder” so painful?

What is bursitis in the shoulder, where is it, and what function does it have?

Every joint, including the shoulder, has several bursae to bolster or cushion areas. Here, for example, to soften the space between the bone (acromion) and the tendon or muscles. overuse of the shoulder can lead to bursitis in the shoulder.