Check your back pain risk with these exercises.

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Assess your back pain risk and strengthen your back with these exercises Get the book on Amazon now: Let’s initiate the self-assessment process outlined in the appendix of our book after completing the modified Oswestry Low Pain questionnaire. This crucial step precedes a meticulous series of tests by Marianne. Book Physio Online See details in the […]

3 easy lower back pain stretches

Ursula Knecht Author of “Back pain Goodbye” shows you 3 simple ways to ease your back pain Do these 3 easy exercises to ease your lower back pain right now Are you suffering from severe lower back pain or just having a stiff back? These exercises can help. Start with small gentle movements first and […]

What would it take to resolve phantom pain?

Is there help for phantom pain? What if three was an easy and painfree way to resolve change phantom pain? As a physiotherapist, Ursula Knecht has learned several techniques to treat phantom pain and unexplainable pain. However, none of them is as effective as hypnotherapy. Obviously, the interpretation of pain is in the brain. Hence […]