What to do about back pain?

What to do if you have acute back pain; Guidelines for acute low back pain Reference: Back Pain Goodbye: Overcome Back Pain & Reclaim Your Life in 12 weeks or less, by Ursula Knecht Low back pain course and rehabilitationhttps://backpaingoodbye.com.au/ See a GP that is specialised in musculoskeletal pain or see a musculoskeletal physiotherapist.  The […]

Is there a way out of chronic pain?

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Are you seeking a way out? Have you trayed so many ways, but not succeeded? Please do not give up; there is a way. You are not alone; pain sufferers are often misunderstood and mistreated. In truth, Chronic pain is a challenge not only for people suffering from it but also for most clinicians. Book […]

How to manage back pain – successfully

How can acute back pain become chronic? What went wrong? Chronic back pain often starts the same way as acute back pain. However, the problem is not addressed with appropriate treatment. Far too often prolonged rest and deconditioning occur as it is assumed to be the correct approach to acute back pain. Unfortunately, there are […]

Seeking a solution for your chronic back pain?

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Are you genuinely seeking a solution for your back pain? Are you looking for knowledge on how to recover from acute or chronic back pain? Could it really be that simple and just 12 weeks of rehabilitation to reclaim your life? Read how a young women’s journey started with an accident, then chronic low back […]

How I got rid of my chronic lower back pain

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The solution for chronic back pain. This self-help book includes a 12 weeks exercise program with many pictures. For those interested, you can access the online program with all the videos of the exercises.