Over 80% of adults suffer from back pain

Ursula Knecht, Sports Physiotherapist, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Author and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Do you want to know how to get rid of lower back pain – for good?

Over 80% of adults suffer from back pain at one stage of their life, and I have also suffered from acute and chronic back pain.

Motivated to find a solution for my chronic lower back pain, I continued studying. Hence, after graduating as a physio, I studied for over 10 years until I finally got my life back.

In fact, it took me over three post-graduate educations to accumulate the necessary knowledge to get rid of my lower back pain and get my life back. There were courses like Musculoskeletal therapy, Sports physiotherapy and others.

So I thought, how about writing a book that shows people the way out of back pain? Writing this book took another 30 months as I wanted to have the latest research included, reflecting my personal experience and adding the newest research that helps people get rid of back pain.

At last, I can offer my specific know-how in my physio clinic and share it with the world through this book.

This self-help book includes a 12 weeks exercise program with many pictures. For those interested, you can access the online program with all the videos of the exercises.

This book is also Books available at Physio Knecht Joondalup, 21 Snowbird Gardens,

Joondalup https://physio-joondalup.com.au/

You can also contact me, Ursula Knecht : 0431 6629 56