Ursula Knecht Author of “Back pain Goodbye” shows you 3 simple ways to ease your back pain

Do these 3 easy exercises to ease your lower back pain right now

Are you suffering from severe lower back pain or just having a stiff back? These exercises can help.

Start with small gentle movements first and see how your back is reacting to it. Choose what works for you and go to my YouTube channel for more. Also, please ask questions, so I can answer them in one of my next weekly videos.

These exercises usually help to reduce lower back pain and stiffness and help to move better. More than 80% of people are suffering from back pain at one stage of their life, hence this knowledge is important.

Please share these simple techniques, and help to make the world a better place.

I have treated hundreds of people with back pain. Lower back pain and neck pain are my daily bread as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, rehabilitation and Sports Physiotherapist.

Back pain is such a prominent problem! Therefore, I have invested over two years, searching for the best evidence-based exercises for you. If you want to prevent or manage back pain.

Here is the self-help book for you: Author of “Back Pain Goodbye: Overcome Back Pain and Reclaim Your Life in 12 Weeks or less.”

Reviews of Back Pain Goodbye:

The book and the course Ursula’s book ‘Back Pain Goodbye’ is a wonderful guide to helping anyone who is interested in reducing back pain without pills or potions. It is an excellent guide to finding the exercises that work for your body to strengthen your back and reduce pain.

I was fortunate enough to also participate in a course where Ursula ran on back pain. The course followed the guide in her book. Following her book ( and her supporting course ) has resulted in my back being more comfortable than it has been for 20 years! I am very grateful to Ursula for sharing her knowledge through her handy little book.

Carolyn P.

From the book: Back Pain goodbye – easy exercises to ease your lower back pain