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Do you need a Physiotherapist?

Are aches, pains or an injury hindering you to perform at your best?

Or are you seeking somebody that is knowledgable in chronic pain and rehabilitation?

Are you seeking a knowledgeable, comprehensive and passionate physiotherapist? 

Do you feel like returning back to sport, work or play after an injury?


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Yes, private health insurance covers a part or a percentage of your physiotherapy costs.


Depending on your insurance and your cover your rebate can vary.

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or if you wish at your home or over Telehealth

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How long before any progress?
Do you have any success stories?
Can I improve my sporting performance with your physiotherapy?



In addition, HICAPS allows immediate rebates from private health insurance and medicare.

Most people improve in joint range of motion and have reduced pain already after the first physiotherapy session.


Some people experience “post-treatment soreness”. This is some stiffness and pain the next day occurring from treatment. Probably similar to sore muscle after training.

In average Ursula Knecht takes only 4 to 6 session to get people back on track.

Full rehabilitation and rehabilitation after a major injury or chronic pain can take 12 weeks to 6 months (sometimes up to a year).

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Yes, I have many. It is so rewarding seeing people getting better, often much easier and faster than they expected.


Some people come to see me as a last resort, to see if I can find out what the real problem is and what can be done about it.

Others are seeking a second opinion from a (more) experienced physiotherapist then the one they usually see.

Often people are pleasantly surprised at how much change just a few physio sessions can achieve.

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Yes, you can.


Ursula Knecht is an experienced Sports Physiotherapist and rehabilitation expert. She has many tricks up her sleeves.

She can help you to adjust and change your training plan to improve your results and reduce your injury risk.



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A manual therapist has an additional post-graduate education specialising in joint and muscle mobilisation and manipulation (similar to a chiropractor).

To be eligible to study for the Master of Sports Physiotherapy (Curing University WA), physiotherapists must prove extensive work experience. Then the full-time University course is one year with a final exam and research, graduating with a Master of Sports Physiotherapy.

No, you do not. At Knecht Physio Joondalup, you get expert advice and assessment. Ursula Knecht can refer you for X-rays or further evaluations if needed.

Yes, we do; Medicare pays about $58.- toward each session.

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