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Discover the Healing Power of Cold Laser Therapy: A Natural Solution for Pain Relief and Recovery

Cold laser therapy uses low-level lasers to safely and painlessly stimulate healing and pain relief in tissue. It’s used for musculoskeletal injuries, skin conditions, and oral ailments like cold sores and ulcers. Short treatments and positive results after a few sessions.

Achilles tendon problems solutions

What are the benefits of Low-level laser?

The invisible light of the low-level laser therapy, also called cooled laser, is very potent in activating the mitochondrion in the cells. Therefore, this is a completely pain-free way to promote healing in the following conditions:

    • sciatica

    • bursitis shoulder

    • tennis elbow

    • Achilles tendonitis

    • plantar fasciitis

    • carpal tunnel syndrome

    • neck and shoulder pain

However, there are many more indications for low-level laser treatment.

shoulder or neck pain cold laser therapy

Importantly: A low-level laser is not just for chronic pain relief but also to promote healing in acute injuries.

Firstly, the low-level laser stimulates the cells in the body so that the inflammatory phase can be reduced; secondly, pain is reduced, and healing is promoted. Astoundingly, some research says that healing can improve by 20%, and scaring can significantly be reduced.

faster healing with cold laser therapy

At Physio Knecht in Joondalup, the low-level laser has helped many clients heal their tennis elbow faster, removing plantar fasciitis and promoting healing in sprained ankles, shoulder, neck and back pain. (Since August 2022)

Ursula Knechts states: “The more I use laser therapy and the more (positive) feedback I get, the more excited I am.

Further: “It is exciting to see how this new laser treatment gives more treatment options, accelerates healing, and reduces pain.”

pain relive with cold laser therapy

What Pain relief can laser therapy trigger?

Low-level laser has nearly endless benefits; here are just a few:

Firstly: Wound healing (diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, bed soreness)

Followed by: Musculoskeletal conditions (tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries)

Trigger points

Tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis

acute and chronic pain

joint disorders

and much more!

Finally: It can even stimulate the brain in Parkinson’s and dementia.

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Top Female Physio in Joondalup: Ursula Knecht – Expert in Headaches, Muscle and Joint Pain, and Rehabilitation

Ursula Knecht is an experienced physiotherapist, author, and inspirational speaker based in Joondalup. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, she specialises in treating headaches, muscle and joint pain, and providing comprehensive rehabilitation services. Ursula’s holistic approach to physiotherapy ensures personalised care for each patient, promoting effective and efficient recovery. Beyond her clinical practice, Ursula shares her extensive knowledge through her writings and motivational talks, inspiring both her patients and the wider community

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