Want to know how to recover from chronic back pain?

Erika is delighted after recovering from chronic lower back pain

The story of Erika’s “miraculous” recovery from chronic lower back pain.

Erika, a 40-year-old lady, came to see Ursula Knecht after two years of chronic low back pain.

She felt depressed and hopeless. Her doctor had sent her to see Ursula Knecht, her chronic low back pain, a Sports physiotherapist, rehab specialist and back pain expert. Her doctor had stated that if she was serious about getting better, she had to see Ursula Knecht, follow her instructions and do the recommended back exercises regularly. Erica was determined to do whatever it took to get rid of her back pain and reclaim her life.

On her first visit to Physio Knecht Joondalup,

Ursula Knecht assessed her back. The main problem was deconditioning, which was demonstrated by loss of muscle strength, flexibility, and muscular control in movements.

Her behaviour showed a typical chronic pain pattern: Pain – Fear – Avoidance; she was afraid to move. When her back injury happened two years before, a Doctor told her she had a disc problem and that she should rest and avoid lifting more than 2kg, so she restricted herself and developed a fear of moving, which got worse and worse. (Similar to Ursula Knecht’s personal story). She couldn’t remember the trigger that started her back pain, but she was ready to resolve her chronic back pain problem.  


Ursula Knecht, Sports Physiotherapist, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Author and Clinical Hypnotherapist
Understanding how the biomechanics of the spine works is a key to getting better

The only “therapy” Ursula provided in this first session was explaining that it was highly likely that her pain was linked to her deconditioning and that there was nothing wrong with her back. Further, Ursula explained how the back works and the importance of the back muscles doing the right thing at the right time.

(As described in the book: Back Pain Goodbye- Overcome back pain & Reclaim your Life in 12 weeks or less). 

Erika’s second physio visit

When Erica visited her physio a few days later, for just the second session, she was beaming with joy. Surprised, Ursula asked her what had happened. She explained: “I went shopping with my husband, and we could not park close to the shopping centre; it was raining, and I had no raincoat; hence I ran into the shopping centre to avoid getting wet. When my husband arrived in the sheltered area, he stared at me in amazement. I did not even realise why. I asked him why he looked at me so strangely; he merely stated that he had not seen me moving so freely, indeed not running in the last two years.” Only then did Erika realise that changing her belief that movement was beneficial for her subconsciously changed her behaviour.

Ursula stated: “I would not have recommended running at this stage of recovery; in my plan, this comes after a few weeks of rehabilitation, but here she was, proving me wrong.”

The right-back exercise at every stage of recovery is critical to recovering from back pain

Setting Goalsgetting your life back

Erika had a firm goal, she had a dog of about 8kg, and she wanted to go back to do dog training again, where she would have to lift him from the floor.

A goal like this keeps people focused and on track despite some setbacks.   Her specific goal kept her motivated, and it was a realistically set goal she could reach within 12 weeks. She followed a detailed exercise program which she performed at home and 2-3 x/a week in the gym. Every week she grew stronger, and we adjusted the exercises regularly. After about 3-4 weeks, her movement patterns had normalised; therefore, she had hardly any back pain.

Unfortunately, at this stage, many of my clients stop seeing me for further rehabilitation. They think no pain = no problem. This is a big mistake that is explained later in the book.    

12 weeks later…

Erika had her goal and had made her mind up to do whatever it took to reach it. It did not take her 12 weeks; after as little as 8 weeks, she was back into dog training again and was lifting 15 kg in the gym, going running regularly, like she used to do before the injury. She was so happy and was wondering why had nobody told her this before.

Are you like Erika and going to share your success story with me? I am looking forward to it

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