How to recover from long covid 19?

Long covid symptoms can show quite wide variations.

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Having said this, the clients I have seen with long covid 19 had similar symptoms.

They have been significantly deconditioned, dramatically reducing their cardiovascular endurance and physical strength.
Further, all my clients have had some information about the heart, around the heart, or both. (Myocarditis and Pericarditis).

Even light tasks and activities can easily overload them and exhaust these clients.

Hence, long covid sufferers must contact a physiotherapist that is a rehabilitation specialist. To obtain this specialised knowledge, a rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy education like Sports Physical Therapist from the International Academy for Sportscience or a Master in Sports physiotherapy is required.


The key to recovery from Covid 19 is UNDERLOADING and pacing.

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What is the process at Physio Knecht Joondalup?

Please book an appointment to see Ursula Knecht at her clinic in Joondalup or online over Telehealth.

Preparation for the first session: write down your weekly schedule, including your exercises and how tired they are making you

If necessary, a detailed plan includes breaks and additional sleep during the sessions. The key is pacing and underloading. We want to avoid set back as much as possible. Instead, we are aiming for small gradual steps of progress.   

The rehab process includes many steps and exercises described in the book: Back Pain Goodbye Overcome Back pain & Reclaim your Life in 12 weeks or less (By Ursula Knecht). You can get this book now  FREE- (it was $30) at the Physio Knecht in Joondalup.