phantom pain is stressful and difficult to deal with, but there is a solution
Pain changes our mindset and our lives – phantom pain can be resolved

Is there help for phantom pain?

What if three was an easy and painfree way to resolve change phantom pain? As a physiotherapist, Ursula Knecht has learned several techniques to treat phantom pain and unexplainable pain. However, none of them is as effective as hypnotherapy.

Obviously, the interpretation of pain is in the brain. Hence the “problem” with phantom pain is in the cortex (brain). All physio techniques that are developed to treat phantom pain are indirectly working on reprogramming the brain. The aim is to change the interpretation of the signals that are causing this phantom pain. In contrast, hypnosis focuses directly on changing the interpretation of the incoming signal in the brain.

You might know, that Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years and has proven successful. Thus, Hypnosis used to be the treatment of choice for patients that needed limb amputations,  amputate limbs, pulling tees helping soldiers with PTSD. Hence, if you are seeking a life-changing treatment for phantom pain, look no further and book your FREE 30 min appointment today.

You might have tried many medications and some of them might have given temporary leave from your phantom pain. However, unfortunately so far there is no medication that is really changing the cause of the pain in the brain.

From our knowledge of chronic pain, we also understand the changes that are happening in the cortex. In fact, those changes can be seen in imaging nowadays. Phantom pain is no differnt.

Ursula Knecht is offering this unique approach to physiotherapy and hypnosis. She has studied for many years to understand how pain changes the brain.

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