Are you seeking a way out?

Have you trayed so many ways, but not succeeded? Please do not give up; there is a way.

You are not alone; pain sufferers are often misunderstood and mistreated.

In truth, Chronic pain is a challenge not only for people suffering from it but also for most clinicians.

Ursula Knecht has personally suffered from chronic low back pain, and it took her years to find a solution out of this chronic pain loop.

Supporting her anecdotal evidence with 2.5-year research, she developed a unique and comprehensive rehabilitation program.

This specific rehabilitation program helps people to reduce pain and reclaim their lives.

Are you seeking a real solution and are willing to learn, change your beliefs and behaviour, manage your stress better and do regular exercises?  

If YES then this prgram is for you.  

Physio Knecht Joondalup offers a unique approach to chronic pain. 

Chronic pain has many labels, here just some examples that can be successfully managed with this specific physiotherapy program:

Fortunately, medical professionals have enhanced awareness about the complexity of chronic pain and are seeking more advice and education from experts.

Ursula Knecht had the chance to present “Understanding chronic Pain” this week at Fremantle hospital to about 40 senior physiotherapists. The one-hour presentation aimed to demonstrate research-based findings of chronic pain, including the changes in the Gray matter, and a summary of a step by step program to help people to reduce pain and increase function.

The step by step rehabilitation program out of chronic pain (usually a 12 weeks program)


1. Understand the problem and the way to the solution

Detailed explanation about the musculoskeletal findings

Detailed explanation about the chronic pain loop following the specific client history

Explanation about deconditioning and the connection to pain

Explanation about Stressors that increase pain

2. Learn how to manage stress

Stress management, this might also include sleeping (here is where we involve the GPs with the prescription of sleeping medication)

Instruction to a range of relaxation and stress management techniques and finding the best one for this specific client

3. Retraining brain and body

Please don’t hesitate to contact me (0431 6629 56),  if you like to know more about this program.

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