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Book reviews:

Every back pain sufferer will benefit from using this book!

It offers a unique approach to taking control of back pain. After all, I have over 40 years of physiotherapy experience in treating back pain.

Fat is, I have never found a better resource for back pain sufferers. Hence, I highly recommend this book! – Bruce Paulik, Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

An empowering and holistic approach to back pain that gives you the tools to take charge of your health.- Maria Justo, Remedial Massage Therapist

Lower back pain is poorly understood and often feared by many people.

This book first provides education on why people have ongoing back pain.

Secondly, for the first time, combines modern treatment approaches, both: physical and mental to help people overcome back pain.

Once you have that mind-body connection and education, only then are you are ready to recover.

Dr Brendan Joss, ESSAM, AEP. Exercise Physiologist and Managing Director at HFRC.

Ursula’s book ‘Back Pain Goodbye’ is a wonderful guide to helping anyone who is interested in reducing back pain without pills or potions.

Back Pain Goodbye is an excellent guide to finding the exercises that work for your body to strengthen your back and reduce pain. Moreover, I was fortunate enough to also participate in a course that Ursula ran on back pain.

In summary, the course followed the guide in her book. Following Ursula’s book ( and her supporting course ) has resulted in my back is more comfortable than it has been for 20 years! I am very grateful to Ursula for sharing her knowledge through her handy little book.- Carolyn P

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3 Easy Exercises To Ease Acute Lower Back Pain

This is a valuable and useful book for overcoming back problems

it is enhanced by a well-designed website with videos explaining concepts and demonstrating exercises. The author combines extensive international clinical experience and training to guide the back pain sufferer.

Further, it includes an extensive review of quality research to produce a readable book on back issues. The causes of back pain are discussed and it warns against simple remedies sufferers might try such as rest and massage. These attempts can result in negative feedback loops that can perpetuate suffering.

This is a wonderful guide to helping anyone who is interested in reducing back problems without pills or potions.

The book and website help sufferers to design, with or without outside professional help, a program of 12 weeks or less to remedy and overcome the pain. It is a challenging program, but the promise of getting rid of the pain makes it worthwhile. – André M.