Physiotherapy Connolly

Physiotherapy Connolly

Has joint, muscle, or bone pain or discomfort been holding you back from living the life you want? Maybe it’s taken a toll on your overall mental health and wellbeing?

The truth is there is often no short or simple answer to finding lasting relief from pain, or learning how best to manage it. But here at Physio Knecht Joondalup we are committed to providing each of our patients with the treatments and assistance they need to make debilitating pain a thing of the past.

Our clinic is led by Ursula Knecht, a qualified general and sports physiotherapist with more than 20 years of proven experience. She works closely with each and every patient, to ensure they receive a personalised and attentive treatment, and to allow for a clear and detailed picture of their condition to be developed.

To learn more about the advantages of professional and targeted physiotherapy, Connolly residents simply have to contact Physio Knecht Joondalup today.

Tailored Muscle Pain Treatments for Connolly Patients

When they are looking to improve their quality of life through muscle pain treatments, Connolly residents look to Physio Knecht Joondalup.

Patients will see the same physiotherapist on each and every visit to our welcoming clinic, meaning they can always be sure they are being cared for by a professional who has a detailed understanding of their circumstances and condition.

Patients can also find treatment through alternatives to physiotherapy, such as clinical hypnotherapy, as we work to find the best method of care to suit their individual condition and type of muscle pain. We also offer patients headache treatments, as well as manual and joint therapy.

For more information on how your health can benefit from musculoskeletal physiotherapy, make sure you book an appointment at Physio Knecht Joondalup today by calling 0431 662 956.