Questions about physiotherapy: Ursula, why start your physio clinic?

High-Quality Physio Service leads to Faster Results

A: The primary motivation to start my physiotherapy clinic was to offer better service with a better-equipped clinic. Firstly I wanted to have enough time to thoroughly assess people’s aches and pains, hence being able to diagnose the problem at once. As I am an (education-Ursula-Knecht )and back pain expert, it is critical to me to understand not just the injury but the whole person and their body.

Secondly, my client and I must work as a team to achieve the fastest and most lasting results. As a physiotherapist, I have only the outside view, and my clients have the inside view; they feel their bodies and have essential feedback to give.

Therefore to work as a team, we must be on the same page. I avoid physio language and instead explain through the assessment why I test. Finally, the physio client has to understand the rehabilitation plan. Often I use the skeleton to illustrate problems and solutions.

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Q: Ursula, why start your clinic?

Q: As a physiotherapist, what motivates you, deep inside, to deliver the best possible assessment, treatment and rehabilitation plan?

Why continuously strive for excellence in physiotherapy service?

I strongly desire to help others find relief from pain and have a personal understanding of the frustration that can come from being told to “live with it.” The McConnell concept. is a physiotherapy method to resolve knee pain and addresses muscle imbalances through specific exercises, stretches and taping. My motto is never to give up.

By seeking out several additional educations, I found solutions for my own pain, improved my quality of life, and had the knowledge and skills to help others do the same. Starting my own physiotherapy clinic was a logical next step in my journey to help others find relief from pain and improve their quality of life.

If you have not yet read my odyssey about my back pain and the frustrating answers I got there, here is the link.



Q: You have over 25 years of experience as a physiotherapist. What makes you so passionate about physiotherapy?

How a sports physio gets an injured basketball player back into the game

A: Hm, this is best exemplified by some client stories:

The professional basketball player had a shoulder problem and worked in a bar.

As the team’s sports physio of the Cairns Taipans, I heard that one of the players was not playing because of a shoulder injury. Hence, I contacted him to come in for a sports physio assessment and to start with specific rehabilitation. Despite his frustration and hesitance, I motivated him to begin with, my particular rehabilitation exercises. Unfortunately, the physio he saw before was not able to help him. Therefore, I needed quite some time to explain why his shoulder was still hurting and what this unique rehabilitation plan would archive. Yet, he loved to play basketball, and the job at the bar was just his current means to earn some money for a living. 

Since I had many years of experience as a sports physiotherapist,

I was confident that with my rehabilitation plan,

he would be able to play professional basketball again in about 12 weeks. Due to his determination and strict following of my gradually changing rehabilitation program, he was already back playing basketball after eight weeks!

The dog lady with chronic low back pain:

Here is the link to Erika’s story:

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The retired boxing champion could teach boxing anymore:

(Let’s call him Ashur). In his early 60is, he was a retired boxing champion with his own boxing school. Unfortunately, he could not teach the way he wanted due to his shoulder pain. After an Oddisee of unsuccessful treatments, Ashur sought help from an experienced sports physiotherapist. The first time I saw him, he was frustrated and depressed.

But, he was motivated to recover all the way and to follow my rehabilitation program. Three months later, he was boxing and happy to have his life back.