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Are you looking for gentle ways to reduce your lower back pain?

Are you suffering from low back pain, or do you have a stiff back in the morning?
These two exercises are easy to do, they will not take much time, and you will feel an instant benefit.
You might even only choose the one that works best for you.
And then add the other exercise next week.

These are relaxing and pain-releasing Feldenkrais exercises

Take your time; the aim is to explore and retrain new, more effortless ways of moving. You may also listen to relaxing music while you are doing them. Take at least 3-5 min for each position and movement to explore. The key to your successful recovery from lower back pain is to find the EASIEST and most EFFORTLESS way to move.

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Feldenkrais small pelvis tilt in 3 positions – reprogram your brain (67)


    • Position 1: Lay on your back and place your knees about hip with apart (picture).

    • Gently rock your pelvis with slow and deep breathing.

    • Breathing in, you feel how the tummy is lifting and you have reduced pressure on the lower back

    • Breathing out you feel your tummy sinking in and your lower back sinking into the support 

Feldenkrais small Pelvic tilt in 3 positions

These should be very gentle small movements (barely visible).

Position 2: Knees together and perform the same gentle pelvis tilt while breathing regularly and consciously. Moving your pelvis up/ forward when breathing in and back towards the floor when breathing out.

Position 3: The frog position, gently place your feet together and let your knees go out to the side as far as it is comfortable. Sometimes you have to support your knees with cushions to make this position comfortable.

With Feldenkrais, the aim is not to perform a certain number of repetitions, but the aim is to explore the movement, aiming to find the easiest and most comfortable way to move. It should never be straining and should ease the pain.

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