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Ursula Knecht founded Physio Knecht Joondalup in 2019, intending to achieve better results faster for her clients. Hence, she utilises her vast experience in longer physio sessions. Therefore, having the time to thoroughly assess the problem and explain the rehabilitation process to the client.
In addition to her hands-on skills, she has many tools, including laser, ultrasound, dry needling and complete gym equipment for rehabilitation.
She is a uniquely qualified physiotherapist to help people with musculoskeletal problems like back, neck, shoulder and knee pain. (Postgrad education Sohier).
Further, she has rare knowledge and experience as a Sports Physiotherapist in rehabilitation for workers,  amateur and professional athletes. (Master of Sports physiotherapy and Sports Physical Therapist IAS).

And finally, Ursula Knecht discovered the secret to a pain-free life!!

Physiotherapy - online and in-person

Master of Sports Physiotherapy

Ursula Knecht graduated in Switzerland and gained work experience in a public hospital and a private hospital until she had her private rehabilitation centre in Switzerland. To gain registration as a physiotherapist in Australia, she continued her studies in here in Perth WA and graduated with a Master of Sports physiotherapy and a bachelor in physiotherapy. It took Ursula many post-grad educations to find her way out of her own chronic back pain into a pain-free life. Ursula Knecht spent over two years writing down her secret from chronic back pain to a free life. "Back Pain Goodbye - Overcome Back Pain & Reclaim your Life in 12 weeks or less."

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Ursula Knecht is keen to empower her clients

Ursula is highly motivated to empower her clients to take control of their health and only needs a few (hands-on) sessions to help them get going. A gradual increase of specific exercises and load is critical to continue progress and prevent injuries. This holistic approach helps to prevent re-injury and has helped many people with chronic back, and neck pain get their life back. Book your physio session today and improve function, faster!

Ursula Knecht (educational background)

Here are some qualities that make Physio Joondalup uniquely qualified

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy & manual therapy

Institute International de Kinesiotherappie Analytique, SPRL KINE SCIENCES by R. Sohier

Sports Physical

IAS, International Academy of Sports science


Master of Sports Physiotherapy, Curtin University WA

On a personal note- please never give up

You might have seen many other clinicians out there. Some might promise to help you get the best fitness and pain relief from your injury, others might be at the end of their wits’ and send you home without a solution or explanation.

I have seen many desperate clients that finally found help when they discovered me. Please, do not give up, come and see me and we can access you and see what can be done. You might need a referral to another specialist or further investigations?

Honestly, even with my over 25 years of experience, I do not know everything. My advantage is, I know what I don’t know and where my limitations are and I have a wonderful network of other clinicians I can access if needed.

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