The proper diagnosis of shoulder pain is critical for it’s healing.

The painful shoulder part 1 – the proper diagnosis
Detailed shoulder diagnosis at Physio Knecht Joondalup

Correct diagnosis of shoulder problems dictates the rehabilitation

The first question is, is it a shoulder problem? Or is the problem in the neck or the thoracic area?

Shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are not only affecting high-impact sports like when they fall from a bike, when skiing or in collision sports like rugby, AFL etc.

However, these acute shoulder injuries are only one part of clients presenting at Physio Knecht Joondalup.

What could be the cause of shoulder pain without acute trauma?

Firstly, is the pain in the shoulder reflecting a problem in the shoulder or is the pain source or the problem somewhere else?

Hence, a thorough shoulder assessment involves taking of detailed history. This means asking the client questions like: When has this pain or ache started? How has it started? Was there an activity or position of the body linked to this?

Next, the physical or musculoskeletal assessment should involve:

Additionally, in some cases, some specific nerves have to be tested.

A shoulder assessment from a musculoskeletal physio includes;

At first, the main question is, is the client presenting with a musculoskeletal problem, a problem that originates from muscles or joints?

You might be surprised and think, what else could there be?

Top of the list is a heart attack, followed by cancer and fractures, and this is why you seek advice from an expert and where Dr Google could be life-threatening.

To summarise:

Shoulder pain might not be pain that occurs in the shoulder. In reality, shoulder pain might originate in many structures and areas.

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