Are you seeking an experienced physiotherapist? Or are you seeking a skilled hypnotherapist? Then look no further and contact Ursula Knecht

Ursula Knecht physio and hypnotist joondalup
Ursula Knecht, physio and hypnotist

Why has Ursula Knecht become an enthusiastic physiotherapist? Was it because she had to solve her health problems?

Her knee pain led her to study the McConnel concept, and her back pain led her to a whole range of further education;
Over several years she kept on learning and studying. From musculoskeletal therapists to
Sports Physical Therapist. Then finally, she discovered the formula to solve her chronic back pain.
Change your life with Hypnosis Joondalup
So, Ursula was back studying!  NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), solution-focused therapy, and reading many books. By authors like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Joel Osteen, Dr Joseph Murphy, and Dr Deepack Chopra, to name a few.
At last, she found the most potent and fastest way to initiate lasting change – Hypnotherapy.
Now, as a skilled Hypnotherapist, she can utilise all her knowledge and skills. Hence, make change happen fast for her clients.
Unlock your potential with Ursula Knecht

As in the human mind 90% of the iceberg is hidden.

The subconscious mind can either propel people to succeed or hinder them from moving forward.

Enhance your success with Ursula Knecht

This is also where the danger lies for ships… you know the story of the unsinkable ship…

Our mind is quite similar: 10% conscious mind

If you are a genius like Albert Einstein, you might be able to have up to 7 thoughts at the same time

90% subconscious mind is where all your hidden programs are. Everything you have ever learned like walking, eating, drinking, running, cycling, driving a car, reading, writing and so on…and the programs of your behaviour. In other words, you have subconscious programs that are benefiting you and some that are self-sabotaging you.

Further, unfortunately, too many people get tricked by their subconscious mind, suggesting that the same behaviour over time would lead to a different outcome.

This is like if you said 2+2. If you are calculating it repeatedly, it is suddenly five or so.

Yes, our subconscious has many “hidden” ways to hinder us from changing and progressing… and it lets the Conscious mind believe that ONLY the “powerful” conscious mind is making all the decisions and has all the power,…while the subconscious knows all the REAL power is within itself.

So, how smart are you? Do you let yourself trick from your subconscious mind and think (consciously) you have all the power? … Good luck with that 😊

Clinical hypnosis, NLP and solution-focused Therapy are facilitating people to access their true potential.

Do you know how to steer your ship?

Achieve faster and more brilliant results with Hypnotherapy

It is amazing what hidden potential people can access when they access their full potential. The subconscious mind stores all your life experience and knowledge as the conscious mind are “short-sighted”.

Our “gut” makes better and wiser decisions than our conscious mind.

  • Decision making – make better decisions faster and smarter
  • Problem-solving – find better solutions faster and smarter
  • Anxiety and stress before exams
  • Public Speaking
  • Goal setting processes
  • Reach goals faster
  • Sleeping problems
  • Enhance sporting performance by up to 20%
  • Stage fright
  • Boost your immune system
  • Life management – life changes
  • Exam/performance fear


  • Bedwetting
  • Nail biting
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Exam/performance fear

Facilitating people to access their true potential

Today is the first day of your NEW life – start making changes now

Hypnosis can speed up processes that other ways would take years to change and break tough physical and mental limitations.

The conscious mind can think 5- maximal seven parallel thoughts. At the same time, the subconscious mind is constantly working in billions of processes simultaneously.

Who makes you breathe? Who makes your nails and hair grow? Who is controlling your blood cells, your immune system…?

And who has the most influence on your behaviour, your habits and thought patterns? – your subconscious mind

Hypnosis is.

Getting people access to their full potential. Unlocking their true potential and changing unsuccessful programs into powerful innovative programs so they can reach their goals much easier and faster.

Just another tool to enhance other people’s life – faster. Have you ever tried to change a habit and struggled with it,… starting regular exercising, weight loss, quitting smoking, eating less chocolate, changing your eating habits,…and changing thought patterns like negative thoughts and disempowering thoughts,…hypnosis is the fast switch to your potential.