What to do if you have acute back pain;

Guidelines for acute low back pain

Reference: Back Pain Goodbye: Overcome Back Pain & Reclaim Your Life in 12 weeks or less, by Ursula Knecht

See a GP that is specialised in musculoskeletal pain or see a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. 

The medical specialist should assess you thoroughly and then explain to you the findings.

If the diagnosis is non-specific low back pain, this is a very common and favourable diagnosis.

The specialist may also call this a muscle sprain. The structure you have hurt can be determined from your explanation of the events that led to back pain and from the assessment. Most of the time (in my experience) it is a combination of joint and muscle stiffness.   

“Guidelines emphasise that patients should be encouraged to stay active and avoid bed rest, continue daily activities, stay at work (or return as soon as possible), and self-manage their symptoms using simple strategies such as superficial heat.” (16)

Instead of pharmaceutical options, the new guidelines recommend “manual therapy (such as massage and spinal manipulation) and psychological therapies (cognitive behavioural therapy.)” (Paracetamol or other pain medications are not recommended anymore). (16)

Encourage taking responsibility for their own continued management” (17)

(Out of Back Pain Goodbye- Overcome back pain in 12 weeks or less)

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