What is bursitis in the shoulder, where is it, and what function does it have?
The right shoulder from the front and its bursae

What is bursitis in the shoulder, where is it, and what function does it have?

Every joint, including the shoulder, has several bursae to bolster or cushion areas. Here, for example, it softens the space between the bone (acromion) and the tendon or muscles. overuse of the shoulder can lead to bursitis in the shoulder. However, first of all, a proper diagnosis of the shoulder is needed to know if this is shoulder bursitis or perhaps another problem.

What has triggered bursitis in the shoulder?

Firstly something was happening in the shoulder that caused the bursa to swell up, making it think it had to protect the area and reduce the shoulder’s movement capacity.

Simultaneous pain occurs, usually with movement or compression (sleeping on this shoulder).

In summary, overuse triggers a protective response, swelling, pain, and reduction of movement.

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A wide range of physio techniques are needed to rehabilitate a shoulder properly

What is the best treatment for bursitis shoulder?

Does a cortisone injection into the swollen bursae solve the problem? From the short explanation above, you can already see that the swelling of the bursae is a reaction or even a protective measurement the body makes due to overuse.

Therefore a cortisone injection only solves the symptom of bursitis and not the original cause.

Now, if the cause was a unique event like an accident, this kind of injection might help. However, if this swelling of the bursae has occurred due to overuse and poor timing and alignment of the shoulder girdle, then this will not solve the problem.

However, Physio Knecht at Joondalup is now offering laser therapy. This has proven effective with acute and chronic shoulder pain, including bursitis shoulder.

What is the solution to a painful shoulder with bursitis?

Firstly: Reduce swelling and pain, including ultrasound, laser, taping and special massage.

Gentle home exercises follow this to regain more range of motion gradually.

Finally, the retraining muscle activation, strength and timing of the shoulder girdle.

I hope this answers a few questions for you?

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